The Principal of Mingde is Cheng Hongbing, Ed.D. Mr. Cheng is a special grade teacher and special grade principal. He is Deputy Director of Elementary and Secondary Education Comprehensive Reform Committee, the Chinese Society of Education; Director of sub-committee of the art, National Newspaper Association of Chinese Classroom Teaching. He used to work as the principal of Shanghai Jianping High School, Director of Shanghai Pudong Institute of Education Development, deputy director of Pudong Education Bureau, Shanghai. He was awarded the National May 1 Labor Medal, and enjoys special government allowances of the State Council. Mr. Cheng is also a distinguished professor of East China Normal University; part-time professor of High School Principal Training Center, Department of Education. He is also contributing editor of Shanghai Education Press, host of Shanghai Chinese Teacher Training Base, Deputy Director of Shanghai Chinese language teaching committee. He was also entitled the "National Excellent Teacher", "National Excellent Teacher of Chinese Language", "Model Worker of Shanghai", "National Teaching Ethics Individual".

Mr. Cheng’s publication includes more than 200 research paper on 50 journals, include “Chinese Journal of education”, “education development research”, “Journal of Shanghai Normal University”, “Tianjin Normal University journal”, “Journal of Shandong Normal University”, “Shanghai Education Scientific Research”, “Jiangxi Teaching and Research”, “China Education”, “People's Education”, “Shanghai Education”, “China Teacher”, and 12 books, entitled “Being a Scholar Principal”, “Cheng Hongbing and Chinese Personality Education”, “Facing the Education Scene”, “School Culture Construction Path”, “To be a Free Teacher”.