Shenzhen Mingde Experimental School Board

The Mingde School management system takes the principal accountability system under the leadership of the school governing board (hereinafter referred to as the "Board") . The board is the highest management, decision-making organization and takes responsibility of school-running endowed by the Mingde experimental education foundation. With assistance of its subordinate professional committee and development committee, the board is in charge of developing the basic policy of school, and to ensure that it meets the requirements of the relevant policies of the government.

On the basis of the school running philosophy, and under the guidance of the national education policy and the Mingde School education mission, the board independently recruits school management team, reviews education planning and annual plans proposed by the school management team led by the principal; it also effectively supervises the process of school running and completion of teaching, decides the school budget and expenditure within the permission of legal and policy-making.

The Board consists of representative of the foundation, senior education experts, elites of the society, representatives of teachers, parents’ representatives. The tenure of each term is 5 years.